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He’s hot on the heels of the heavyweight world champions, his burning desire has ignited Bulgaria’s love for boxing, looking to leave the careers of his rivals in smoke, he’s ready to rise to the challenge and in Kubrat Pulev’s words “I will fight for a World Championship title and I WILL WIN!”

Kubrat, you were born in Sofia, Bulgaria… can you tell the readers about your childhood and life growing up and were you a well behaved child or a troublemaker?

KP– I was born in Sofia. My brother and I would always find ourselves in trouble. So I can say that I was a big troublemaker but we were also just very energetic children. Haha!

Do you have any favourite memories in particular from childhood in Sofia that you can share with us?

KP- Honestly, it would be difficult to choose a favourite one. I have so many happy memories. One of these memories for example was when I became champion of Bulgaria at 48 kg ; I was only 14 at the time. I also used to do some crazy things with my brother. There was one time when we broke all of the antennas from a building so that we could use them to play a game. We were in a lot of trouble after doing that. Haha!

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If it wasn’t for boxing, what would you be doing now as a career?

KP- If I wasn’t a boxer then I probably would have been a football player. Before I started boxing, when I was about 10, I used to be a goalkeeper. A very good one!

Who were/are your role models and as a role model yourself, what advice can you give to those people wanting to be like you?

KP- The biggest role model in my life has always been my father who was also a heavyweight champion of Bulgaria. He was crazy about boxing. He was the person who lit the fire in me and my brother for boxing! He showed me the first steps in boxing and I became champion of Bulgaria as mentioned above at 14. His second obsession was books. We grew up in a ‘library’, our apartment was full of books! To the people who want to be like me, all I can say is that they should be full of faith, persistence and to never stop following their dreams!

Can you describe a day in the life of Kubrat Pulev, from what you eat to what training sessions you would do?

KP- Days in the life of professional sportsmen and sportswomen are not usually that interesting; it is rather boring and invariable. I usually wake up at around 08:00am and have a big and very powerful breakfast. After that around 10:30am, would be my first training session (for around 2 hours). I would then have lunch; my lunch would be something healthy without any fat or bread. I would then give myself a resting time of about 3 hours. My second training session starts at 17:30pm. My evening meal is usually the lightest meal of the day but also very important! Most evenings are spent with friends where we share lots of jokes and laughter.

Outside of boxing do you have any other hobbies or interests?

KP- Outside of boxing I love to play chess and all kinds of games that are similar. I am a very energetic person and in my free time which I don’t have a lot of, I like to do all sorts of dynamic activities.

What is your biggest fear/phobia?

KP- I don’t have any fears. Whatever needs to happen, will happen regardless of whether I am scared of it or not. So nothing really bothers me.

Have you got any facts about yourself that the fans reading this might not know that you would be happy to share?

KP- Unfortunately there is nothing yet in my personal life, like a child or a new girlfriend that I can share with you. Something we haven’t announced yet though is that my next fight will be on 23rd March in Los Angeles.

Do you have any pre-fight superstitions and who do you have in your dressing room pre-fight?

KP- No, I don’t have any superstitions. The people who are in my room pre fight are just the people from my team and one or two of my close friends who come to wish me luck and support me.

In your opinion what has been the best performance in your career so far, from either the amateurs or pros?

KP- It is difficult for me to say when we take in mind that I have had more than 300 fights. Maybe the fights for titles in my professional career are the most difficult and therefore most successful.

What would be your celebratory meal after winning a fight?

KP- Since I am a heavyweight I don’t need to be at a certain kg range and I don’t do any diets, I just eat healthy, so don’t miss any food. I don’t have anything special for a celebratory meal, I just have my friends and family around me and we go out and have fun.

Finally Kubrat, have you got a message you can give to your fans or any shoutouts to any fighters out there who might be avoiding you?

KP- Haha, yes of course! For example Dillian Whyte cancelled a fight with me. He was howling like a b**ch and was behaving like he is a big deal but then he ran away. It’s very interesting that he is before me in the rankings list. The same thing happened with Jarrell Miller who also cancelled a fight with me. To my fans, all I can say is that very soon I will fight for a world championship title and I will win! I appreciate and thank you very much for the powerful support you always motivate me with.

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